The hospitality industry has seen some substantial changes over the years. However the main goal remains the same – providing your customers with the best possible dining experience . POSCORE offers a range of portable devices and innovative software that makes this possible.

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Streamline Your Operation – Simple To Use

Why Choose POSCORE?



Increase productivity using the right tool for the job!

Training new staff? It’s never been easier. Enjoy our easy layout anyone can follow. It’s that simple!

Benefit from our integrated reports. Track sales, orders, receipts via the admin panel.

cloud_backupPeace of mind with our cloud backup facility.

Keep an eye on your business via our multi-user remote access module.

Role-based staff system access. Restrict access to vital business information.

Other products we offer

In early 2016 we added to the family an online takeaway ordering product “OrderMyFood”.

You can read more about this product and how you can benefit at OrderMyFood.

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Bronze (BYO Hardware)

£30 / month

  • Standard POS fuctions
  • Local backup
  • Updates charged separately
  • No license fee
  • Setup fee £450

Silver (BYO Hardware)

£50 / month

  • Standard POS fuctions
  • Advanced backup
  • Updates charged separately
  • No license fee
  • Setup fee £300

Gold (BYO Hardware)

£70 / month

  • Advanced POS fuctions
  • Unlimited handhelds*
  • Ulimited iPADS*
  • Advanced remote backup
  • Free updates
  • No license fee
  • Setup fee £300

Platinum (BYO Hardware)

£120 / month

  • Advanced POS functions
  • Unlimited handhelds*
  • Unlimited iPADS*
  • Advanced remote backup
  • Free updates
  • No license fee
  • Network maintenance
  • Setup fee £300